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Scott & Sheri W.  Highland Park, IL   "Lucy"  12 x 16 Painting

Sheri and I have had Lucy’s portrait hanging in a prominent place in our den since we picked it up from you about three months ago.  It has been a joy to have it there because your work brings a smile to my face and a happy memory whenever I look at it.  You really did an excellent job in capturing her sweet, amusing, and empathetic personality from the photo.  The decision you made to add some depth to Lucy’s muzzle by using a bit of gel makes her expression all the more true to life.  We were always amazed at how much Lucy filled up our home with her good nature.  We do miss her very much now, but having your work on the wall does make it seem as though there is a part of Lucy’s bulldog magic that is still with us.  

Becka B.  Chicago, IL   “Sukhi”  12 x 16 Painting

(Her comments when she ordered...)  Hi Jim, I’m lucky to run a creative studio, and I really enjoy the work you do. I feel like you really do a great job of capturing the light in the animal’s eyes, and that spark of life that brings the painting to LIFE!

(Upon receiving the painting...)  Oh my gosh.  First of all, THANK YOU. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I literally could not be more pleased. You definitely captured my baby’s spirit here.  I absolutely love the background. I’m melting over her eyes and the highlights on her little nose! SO SWEET. Daddy will definitely cry!  (Later, after her husband received it for Christmas)  He LOVES it. He hung it already! Thank you so much! You captured our baby's personality perfectly. 

Meredith Duden - Claudia H.  Chicago, IL    “Billy”  8 x 10 Drawing 

Dear Jim,  My name is Claudia Howell. My good friends presented me with a drawing of my Yorkie Billy this weekend for my birthday. It is truly beautiful and looks EXACTLY like his picture. I had him for almost 12 years and he recently passed. This picture means so much to me and you are very, very talented. I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for this and the sweet card you enclosed. Thank you again.

Patti C.   New Hope, PA   “Mr. Puff”  8 x 10 Painting

Jim, I want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job and going the extra mile on Mr. Puff’s painting. It’s beautiful and I truly treasure it. Your caring and sensitivity really came through, even down to the packaging.  I hope you’ve found your sweet spot for you are truly gifted in fine art!!



Josh S.  Chicago, IL   “Sophie and Misha”  12 x 16 Painting 

Hey Jim! I wanted to thank you again for everything. As you can see my

grandparents absolutely loved it! Already hung up in their living room.

I'll surely share your info with friends and family. Thanks again!






Joannie B.  Old Lyme, CT   6 Labradors: “Czynka, Holly, Piper, Emmett, Dodger, Goldie”  (6) 10 x 10 Paintings

 Jim,  We love them! So very awesome!  Our beautiful active kids who brought so many joys through their

Different personalities and energies are captured for us to see every day!  Thank you! Rob is very touched!

It is exactly what I wanted – and what I wanted him to have.  So grateful!  So moved!  Thank you!



Angela B.  Chicago, IL    “Nanie” 8 x 10 Painting

Story: Nanie was my Mom's world. The dog was with mom my through all three of her children going off to school, at the same time my dad had to move away for work for 4 years. Nanie was there to keep my mom company and became her source of comfort. Nanie was very sick so my mom spent most of her time trying to find ways to get her healthy, keep her fed, and ease her pain. By the end of Nanie's life, my mom devoted almost all of her energy to the dog.  After Nanie's passing, my mom has had a very hard time with the loss. I want this painting to help give her some peace and when she looks at it, remembers the wonderful life that they shared. I’m looking for something vibrant and colorful, as Nanie had a big personality.

Jim, This is wonderful! I love it and I know my mom is going to love it too. You did an amazing job!


Anne A.  Chicago, IL  “Groot”  8 x 10/11x 14 Framed Drawing

Hi Jim,  We love it! Thank you for capturing her so well! Your beautiful note had to be                                        framed too.  Thank you again!


Becky B.  Sarasota, FL  “ Zora” 11 x 14 Painting

Hi Jim,  You’ve definitely captured Zora!! I love her “look” … so Zora!!



Breanna P.  Arlington Heights, IL  “Windsor”  8 x 10 Painting

 Jim, That looks amazing!! They will love it.



Brooke R.  Chicago, IL  “Murphy”  8 x 10 Painting

 Oh!!!!!!! I love that!!!!!!

It’s perfect!  It’s truly wonderful



Valerie P.  Chicago, IL  “Buddy” 12 x 24 Painting

Dear Jim,  Thank you so much for the painting of Buddy. Every time I look at it my heart melts. It sure does

capture Buddy’s essence. I will forever cherish it. It will make a beautiful art piece in our new home.

Thank you so much.


Wynne C.  Vicksburg, MS   “Freddy”  “Our mother’s constant companion.”  12 x 12 Painting

Hi Jim,  It's perfect! You absolutely captured him to a T - thank you so much!! 

My mother loves the portrait and passed along your card to her sister who just got a puppy. 

Thank you so much for everything!



Courtney C.  Chicago, IL  “Lupita”  12 x 16 Painting

Hi Jim!!!!  The painting is amazing! It’s so stunning. Wow!



Mary-Lisa S.  Chicago, IL  “Dagney and Buehrle”  12 x 16 Painting

Hi Jim, I cannot tell you how much we love the picture! Michael especially loves the blues; he keeps saying, “I never would have thought to do that!” They are so pretty. I will definitely forward this to a few people I know might be interested. I am also thinking about doing a couple of additional ones for us. :-)


Hey Jim,  I was just looking at Dagney sitting underneath the portrait and I had to take a picture. You killed it on capturing her!! We are moving our office in June and the portrait is going in Michael's office. 

Thank you again!!



Derek C.   Chicago, IL  8 x 10 Painting

Story: My mom works countless hours at her local animal shelter.  Her dog,

Titan, was adopted from that shelter shortly before my dad was diagnosed

with terminal cancer. Titan was a big part of bringing my dad happiness and

comfort during his final months, and for providing my mom with

companionship afterwards.


Hi James, that looks fantastic!  My sister and I both love it!



Ellie J.  Chicago, IL  “Heine” 8 x 8 / 12 x 12 Framed Drawing

Jim: I love it, I think you’ve captured her very well!

I also really like the frame example. I’m so excited.



Lauren R. Andover, MA  “Chewy”  12 x 12 Painting

 Sorry, having trouble breathing because I’m laughing so hard…!!!!!

Jim, the painting is a thing of beauty. The dog? Not so much.

But man, you really captured his look.  It is absolutely wonderful.


Pam B.  Sand Point, ID.  "Remy & Huey" 12 x 16 Painting   "Maya & Bandi"  9 x 12 Painting

After seeing Jim’s work I asked him to paint not only my Corgis, but my guinea pigs as well. My Corgis, Remy and Huey, are brothers with completely different personalities. They travelled across the country with me for a move out West. So did my guinea pigs, Maya and Bandi. They are my animal family!  When I received my paintings this week I was amazed! Jim completely captured the essence of Remy and Huey patiently waiting for a treat. He caught the difference in their personalities with their eyes. The painting of the guinea pigs epitomizes the incredible bond between Maya (a 10-year-old!) and her dear friend Bandi.  I highly recommend Jim. He’s a pleasure to work with and is great at giving you something you will keep forever.

Mark S.  Baltimore, MD   "Jack"  8x10 / 11 x 14 Framed Drawing 

I couldn't be happier with what Jim created! It's unique, beautiful, and has been a hit with all my family and friends. I adopted Jack four years ago, after he was saved by a rescue in Virginia at age 10.  He's the sweetest, most charismatic and lovable pooch I could have asked for. Jim was really able to capture his personality, derp and all, and I really can't recommend him enough for creating a truly special portrait of Jack.

Kim N.  The Villages, FL    "Ava"  9 x 12  Painting

 The portrait of my mother's dog was  beautifully done and captured the essence of Ava's personality.

Jules Bullock  Baltimore, MD   "Tabby"  8 x 10 / 11 x 14 Framed Drawing

My husband's beloved feline was captured - extra digits and all - so well (and by photo no less). Thank you for helping me find the right way to remember her and smile. ♥

Susan S.  Hinsdale, IL   "Lilly"  8 x 10 / 11 x 14 Framed Drawing

What's cuter than a beagle puppy, her personal portrait by THE PET IMPRESSIONIST!! We just received our portrait; not only did Jim capture Lily's personality but the  details in the drawing were exceptional;. Also loved the frame!

Cathy L.  River Forest, IL   "Trapper"  9 x 12 Painting

Jim did a great job on the portrait of Trapper.  Our son and daughter in law love it!

Rick E.  New Buffalo, MI    "Grace"  8 x 10 Drawing

I couldn't be happier with my portrait of Grace that Jim did for my Mothers Christmas gift ! So pleasant and a breeze to deal with. Grace is my Moms baby now her boys have left the nest so it was the perfect gift and Jim certainly captured her perfectly ! Highly recommend Jim to anybody - 

5 stars all round.



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