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Lighthouses On The Mag Mile

I'm grateful to The Chicago Lighthouse organization for choosing me as one of the 51 artists selected to paint lighthouse sculptures that were displayed along Chicago's Michigan Avenue during the summer of 2018.  See the slide show down below. The public art display celebrated access and inclusion for people with disabilities, allowing them to contribute to society and make the most of their lives. 

"Lighting My Path"

Our lighthouse features a portrait of my neighbor Pat Ward, and her guide dog, Carson, as they walk along south Michigan Avenue.  Pat is a shining example what access and inclusion can mean to the life of a person with a disability.  She's a retired clinical social worker with a masters degree in social work, who went blind at age 40, but continued her career, counseling others who were dealing with blindness. 

Pat also taught courses at the University of Chicago, Loyola University and the University of Illinois-Chicago. She has been an avid traveler and a season ticket holder to the Lyric Opera and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 

Pat gave our lighthouse its title, "Lighting My Path",  and it symbolizes what the Chicago Lighthouse has meant to her.  She has received guidance and support from the organization, and in return, she has worked for them as a counselor. 

See our lighthouse at Scooter's Frozen Custard Shop

1658 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657


The Chicago Lighthouse auctioned the lighthouse sculptures at the end of the Mag Mile event. Our's was purchased by Mardi and Denny Moore, who now have it displayed year-round outside Scooter's, the popular frozen custard shop they own. Stop by and try a chocolate Boston Shake. 

"Lighthouses On The Mag Mile" poster
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