Jim Carroll

The Pet Impressionist 

Welcome.   I'm an artist and an animal-lover.  Through my work I strive to create beautiful art that captures the personality of our pets and the love we share with them, as well as the beauty and character of the wildlife with which we share this planet.    


Using photos as reference, I create beautiful, original works of art:  Commissioned portraits and slice-of-life scenes - colorful impressionist paintings, and elegant charcoal and graphite drawings. 

My Story

I’m a Creative.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been creating ideas, pictures, stories, places and experiences; all with the intent of making people smile, laugh, cry, cheer and ... make a purchase. 


I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Drake University, where I discovered the field of “Advertising".  I then spent 34 years in the marketing agency business in Chicago, and ultimately became a senior executive, and co-leader of a national agency creative department. My clients included a great many world reknowned brands. 


I also graduated from Chicago's Second City Players’ Workshop, and wrote and performed sketches in three improv comedy revues.

I applied my creative energy to house-flipping, transforming a 150 year-old farm "cottage" into a gorgeous 4BR, 2+ Bath home with all the modern designer finishes and amenities, while keeping the charming vintage look of the original home and its mature landscaping. 


In 2016 I decided to become a fine artist and started The Pet Impressionist. Now, my work brings smiles and tears of joy to those who love their pets and animals just as I have.  It's a wonderful feeling. 



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