Order your Portrait or Gift Certificate

Please fill out and submit the Painting & Drawing Order Form below. I'll invoice you with the full price and request payment of a 50% deposit to begin work. Once your portrait is complete, I'll email you a digital photograph of it for your review and approval. Once you've approved the portrait, we'll agree on pick-up, local delivery or shipping. I'll email you an invoice for the balance, including any shipping costs if necessary. 

Questions?  Call me.

Need a pet-lover's gift soon? 

Give a Gift Certificate from The Pet Impressionist.

Just fill out the order form below. NOTE: at the end of the form, choose either:

- "Mail me Gift Certificate with Envelope" - Make sure to include your mailing address on the form.

You should receive your gift certificate in about 1 week. 


- "I'll Download and Print my Gift Certifcate" - if you want to print your gift certificate now.  

Then, click the SUBMIT button.


If you made the 2nd choice, just click the large button below the form: "PRINT A GIFT CERTIFCATE NOW".  

A PDF with the Gift Certificate will appear. Follow the instructions on the last page of the PDF. 

Once I receive your gift certificate order form, I'll invoice you for 50% of the portrait price.    

How does your gift recipient redeem their gift certificate?  First, they contact me to begin the creative process. I'll tell them how soon I can begin, based on orders ahead of theirs, and if I've received your 50% up-front payment.  Once my schedule is clear and I've received your upfront payment, I'll begin.  When the portrait is complete, I'll email you and your recipient a digital copy of it, for review and approval.  Once the portrait is approved, we'll arrange pickup, local delivery or shipping.  I'll email you the final invoice with the balance, including any shipping costs.  Your recipient can pick up or have their portrait shipped to them once I've received final and complete payment from you. 

Full payment is required before I ship a portrait.  I prefer a personal check or Venmo.

You can pay by Credit/Debit Cards and Pay Pal for an additional 3% fee .   

Any questions? Call or text me.

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